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EBSC Hot Pot Party ended successfully

January 1, 2023

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EBSC Hot Pot Party ended successfully on 27th Nov 2019, the main goal of this activity is to enhance the relationships of the students in EBSC. During the event several games are included, such as eat the fruit without hands, who has bad luck, make faces and let’s joke…etc. 
Sophomore student Amy said, 「I found that almost everyone in EBSC is a good actor and also the atmosphere was very fun. I really appreciate all of the people who help to organize this hot pot party, without them this hot pot party wouldn’t have been excellent. I believe that after this hot pot party, all of us have built up a good relationship with each other.」
  We can expected more activities coming soon!!

✨ EBSC is the best! 

EBSC Hot Pot Party ended successfully: News
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