EBSC's Halloween party

January 1, 2023

We hosted our own Halloween party before “Hollow’s eve” arrived. The scary part wasn’t the upcoming day of the dead but the midterm examinations that are just around the corner.

The highlight of the evening was the selection of Queen and King of the evening. We would like to congratulate our freshman-Emily and Sandy, both of them were chosen as the queens of the night.
This party was in collaboration with all the English major department in YZU, sharing with students from many nationalities. The night also included foreign performers, group leaders and the game managers. One of our challenges this year was to have an ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING PARTY. Although the party only lasted a few hours, everyone enjoyed it and all have the best memories of this “Halloween party “.
For those who wanted to join but couldn’t, we sincerely apologize for that. We truly hope to make it bigger and better next year for everyone to be able to attend!



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