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EBSC Student Club wins Award!

by Ruby Sun

 The EBSC student association is established in helping our students in their university life, we are the bridge between students and the department office, we are the window to communicate with the YZU student affairs. We hold all kinds of events to our students, we have our own department's freshman orientation, we hold big events like the uniform party, the Christmas party with other departments. Although we are the first generation, we always try our best to create colorful memories for all the EBSC students. This year is our first year to enter the YZU student affairs' evaluation, and I am proud to say "we did it!". Every effort we made has been seen, and this is just the beginning. Now it's time for the freshman to take over, I believe they will do a great job and Believe it or not they will make the EBSC students association better than ever.

EBSC Student Club Wins Award!: Welcome
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