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First week at UIUC from Allen

By Allen 詹仁傑

Feb 27 2020

First week at UIUC


Be a good chef

  After getting here in the U.S, the very first thing that destroys me was their food.

Here, food price is insanely high and most of them are not our type. Frankly, it’s not that bad at first, but after you see the payment, it’s gonna ruin your day. For that, the best way is to cook by yourself. Those supermarkets or grocery stores are near our campus, and some of them have good quality ingredients with cheap price. Combine with UIUC’s great transportation system, there are no troubles for carrying to much stuff on the way back home.

Hard core

  The first-week study in UIUC was kind of overwhelming. Work loading here is way harder than I expected and way tougher then YZU. Only going through two classes, professors are expecting you to write a reflection on what they taught or even a case study from the previous reading. (Just for your information, the pre-class study is mandatory) For that, I took three days to finish my first two assignments. As an exchange student, I feel stress, and it’s only the first-week study in UIUC. However, the stress I meant is not negative stress that made me become an alcoholic, instead, it’s the foundation of my improvement. Still, I don’t hope professors keep giving us assignments like that.


  After complaining, there are still some great things that happened to me. Like Prof. Huang, he took us to have a small tour on campus and off-campus, teat us some meals and even the Chinese new year’s reunion dinner. The place we went that night, was a restaurant opened by a Taiwanese, it was amazing, probably even better than some restaurants in Taiwan. Moreover, my roommate’s father was here a couple days ago, and he did help me a lot. Shout out two this two gentlemen, really appreciate your assistance.

  These are my first weeks in UIUC. Hoping to get fit in the rest of this semester.

Or at least, get warmer!










Pork rice with steak and beer, what a wonderful world!


Awesome breakfast with an unusual awesome weather in Winter time.


The iconic sculpture in UIUC.


This is Prof. Huang and Me (Right one) 


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