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Designing a Christmas from the heart of Yzu IPHSSB students

A group of students from the Design class from Iphssb department, guided by prof. Jeffrey Sebastian , received the challenge of making this Christmas special for a group of children in Giant in Bosheng elementary school. Students prepared two gifts each one, bought from their own pocket and designed and printed their own Christmas card which was part of their design class. The enthusiastic group of students meet in Yuan Ze university with gifts and cards and games to share with the little ones at the Elementary school. Upon arrival the students prepared their gifts and games eagerly waiting for the little ones to come and join the activity prepared for them. The students from the design class shared games, smiles, gifts and their special cards that they have designed for this activity.

Student Sun Yuru said that when we first learned about the event, it was really exciting. However this was not just for the sake of celebrating Christmas, We had the challenge to make cards by hand and use the skills we have learned in computer design classes such as Photoshop and Illustrator to make a unique Christmas card for the children of Baosheng Elementary. We really felt it is very beneficial when we combined such meaningful activities, especially when we came to the BaoCheng Elementary, we accompanied the children to play games, and then gave gifts to see the child’s face with a pure smile. I feel that all the preparations before are worth it. Look forward to more similar activities.

The Principal BaoCheng elementary school expressed that the students attending the school are from low-income or foreign-family families nearby, and the location of the school is relatively remote. Compared with the students in the metropolis, they have less access to resources and especially English. In terms of aspects, there is no contact or use. Many students can't even say that they have reached the sixth grade. This event is of great significance. In the future, we hope that there will be other opportunities for cooperation to give children more experience in different cultures.

IPHSSB director Nakazawa Kazuaki added, this is a good opportunity for both sides, not only for the Bosheng elementary school students, but also our IPHSSB students, to let them learn on taking responsibility on an opportunity like this and create a very successful activity that made many happy.

Computer Design class Professor Jeffrey Sebastian stated, this activity idea started in the heart of the design class before the semester even started. I wanted to give the opportunity to our students to share and go beyond the classroom, I challenged the students to design a d print their own Christmas cards and they also brought 2 gifts each to share. As a teacher I wanna create opportunities for our students to learn beyond the text book, learn beyond the classroom, learn beyond the software, and this was a great opportunity for our students to have an experience they won't forget easily. Looking forward to integrate more of these activities for our classes.

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