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Passing the ball over the net

By Hanna Liu | Student | EBSC YZU

Hi! It’s Hannah from EBSC 1A

Today let’s talk about how varsity volleyball team has changed me. Today was the farewell party for our seniors. After sharing the gratitude to them, our happy memories these days just came to my mind. Last semester I was still a “freshman” with many things I didn’t know, holding an enthusiasm for volleyball and to join our varsity volleyball team. At first, my physical strength was not good enough. Fortunately, our seniors always encourage us to try more and to be brave. I practiced the basics for half a year, now I’ve improved in speed and I am happy to see how I progress. I am so glad that I did not give up at the time, currently I keep working hard, trying to improve my skill and physical strength every day. Now that they are going to graduate, we often had a dispute on the field because we don’t have much experience and patience, fortunately, we trust each other. I also hope that all of us will strive for the honor of the school in the future. So many happy memories there. So many joyful times!

Hi! 我是人社英專1A劉靜怡 Hannah




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