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Penning down my experience from afar

By Wawa,

24th October,2022

Hi, I’m Wawa, a senior student in EBSC and now typing my diary in a snowy day. Life in Canada is incredible and I feel motivated by the new environment and friends. You would meet diversity cultural here, you can not only hear one language in Canada but also Spanish, Japanese, and France, etc. The best thing I have been through so far is having roommates from England and Chile, we were hanging out on the weekend and sharing cultural differences and even making a dish for each other.

I have a course is called digital storytelling which is about investigating the creative use of technology. It explores how computer hardware and software, machinery and devices, and networks are used in the production of works of visual art, music, theatre, film, and new media; and how creativity shapes new technologies. This course provides the opportunity to visit downtown to explore the history of Regina. Moreover, we DIY the podcast and AR in a fancy computer room. I am so proud of myself to project my birthday picture on the campus’ vending machine by the AR technology as well as being fearless befriend with classmates, one of them even tell me he had a crush on a boy in the class, and we are planning how to chase him, it is so fun.

I traveled with my friends during the holiday, such as camping, and we lay down on the ground to watch the starry sky at that time. This month, we even drove about 10 hours to Banff, the scenery in Banff is amazing like a fairy tale.

The University of Regina is super friendly to international students, it holds many activities to let us experience the specialness of Canada no matter during the orientation or in the holidays. The other benefit of UoR is it is free for entering the gym, therefore I can balance my stress through the work out, meanwhile, it also adds the other channel for me to make more friends. Overall, I can’t wait for the rest of the holidays like Halloween and Charismas here, and my roommates will do the scary makeup for me on Halloween! I feel like life couldn’t be better and I will try my best to keep this spirit wherever I am.

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