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Programming for Everyone

by By Hanna Liu | Student | EBSC YZU

Hi I'm Hannah!

Today I want to share what we have learned from bear’s programming class.

This semester we use a new material to create our own game or video. it’s called Microbit! First time I ever handled a micro-controller!

There are two buttons on it and we can also tilt it just like a controller of a game.

In our midterm project, I made a paper Gameboy and put my microbit inside the Gameboy.

My Own Gameboy!

How could we use it? Try to push the paper button on it !

In programming class, team competition not only makes us create new ideas but also a good way to push the envelope. I'm so happy to having such a interesting class in freshman year.

They are my teammates this semester. Nick and Ian are good at creating codes. All of them are smart and very important teammate for me. By the time we spent time on thinking the next step of a project. I would always feel new because there are many different kinds of opinions. I’ve learned Never limit myself and imagination.There are always many ways to explore!

Check more about LEARNING WITH BEAR over HERE!

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