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Uncertainty, Persist, Growth, Progress.

By Amanda

Sep 27 2022

Hi, this is Amanda, now a junior student of EBSC.

Back in the time when I was still a high school student, I have no clue about what I wanted, like I’m lost in a maze which is full of uncertainty, probably as lost as you who are reading this little paragraph now. However, is easy to get “lost” for most teenagers who are only 18 years old; afraid to make mistakes, and hesitate to face the challenge, I’m also not the exception, so you are not alone! Life is always full of challenges; this is what makes you grow and stronger.

The reason I choose EBSC is that I see lots of possibilities and potential for my future. The diverse courses can guide me to reach out to multiple dimensions to find my interest, and try many different things, also the international environment of learning. Those are the main value of this department! Our chairman and professors always encourage students to try, to make mistakes when they are still a student, because you didn’t need to pay for anything, once you start to work, you might be fired as a punishment, that will be a big cost.

It’s hard to explain how much can EBSC gives in a few sentences, but I appreciate that I have chosen here for my bachelor's degree. Compare to other departments, I think ESBC really gives many spaces that can let students released their potential. The process will make you more mature and thoughtful of yourself; I promise you can feel the difference as long as you start to make things different!

Imagine if you got lost in a place you are not familiar with without the internet and Google, aren’t you need to keep trying to go multiple roads or try various ways to find your destination? Or even you don’t need a destination! You probably will stop while you find a place that might not be on your choice list, but it’s the place where you've found you truly feel a sense of belonging.

Whether you have goals or things you want to do, may not be what you need to worry about right now. To quote the famous saying of the elders: "Youth is the capital." What will the future look like? There is still a lot of time from now to the future, you might as well try to persevere and see, what will the future look like.

In the process of growing up, I wasn't the kind of person who likes to study or knows what I want to do that kind of comparatively smart student. Looking back at reality, I think university is a place for me to settle down and change my mind, and also a time to have a good conversation with yourself!

From freshman to sophomore year, I still cried occasionally because I was super anxious about everything! But I also survived the confusion of freshman year and the anxiety of sophomore year. I worked hard and found what I love after trying many things (I’m minoring in marketing)! Now I have enough confidence can present on stage in fluent English, also achieved good grades in many courses, I believe that "don't stop learning" and these “setbacks” and “unknowns” are the nutrients for my growth.

This is my story and my experience, it won’t be suitable for everyone, but I would like to use those examples to help someone to clear their mind also think more deeply no matter is for their thoughts or the difficulty they are facing. As a person who totteringly came thru the past 3 years, I would like to say that EBSC makes me very different. Give yourself time to think and try, as long as you persevere, you will get the harvest.





真的很難用幾句話來解釋 EBSC 能帶給學生多少東西,但我很感激我選擇了這裡。相比其他系,我覺得ESBC確實給了學生很多的空間,可以讓學生發揮潛能。這個過程會讓你更加成熟,和更會為自己著想;我保證只要願意開始改變,你就會感受到不一樣!

想像一下,如果今天在外地迷路了,沒有網路沒有google map,是不是也是要走過很多不同的路,最後才可以到達目的地?又或者是不見得一定要有目的地啊!在這途中妳發現一個妳喜歡的地方,或許是一間餐廳,也或許是一間書店,妳就在那停下來了,因為妳找到妳內心真正感受到歸屬感和能讓妳有立足之地的地方生活著。




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Jeffrey Sebastian
Jeffrey Sebastian
17 oct 2022

Proud of you Amanda!!🤗

Me gusta
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