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A Fun and Dynamic Learning Experience

As communication technologies continue to evolve through constant innovation and the proliferation of devices and platforms provides more accessibility to connect with each other, the ability to effectively communicate has become as critical as ever in the areas of business, economics, politics, and international relations. The English Bachelor of Strategic Communication in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Yuan Ze University teaches the strategies and skills to create and deliver the right message to any target audience. Characterized as a “Public Relations and Strategic Communication” English program, students will develop effective communications skills and techniques with a keen sense of language. The program integrates the strengths of the following five primary disciplines: Social & Policy Sciences, Chinese Linguistics & Literature, Applied Linguistics & Foreign Languages, Art & Design, and Business and Management. Students will learn effective and efficient communication skills, as well as persuasion and negotiation techniques in both written and spoken formats particularly in English. Courses are also available to allow students to enhance their cultural adaptability and artistic abilities. After completing the English program, graduates will be prepared to lead a focused approach to addressing organizational opportunities through effective communication across a variety of channels and techniques to reach their specific audience.




Our curriculum is designed to let students experience a 'learning afresh' approach, enabling you to adapt and explore diverse interests while mastering PR and Strategic Communication.


Experienced international faculty and English-taught courses offers an incredible opportunity to feel like you're studying abroad without leaving the country. Immerse yourself in a global educational environment and experience the world right here in Taiwan.



Bao-Sheng Elementary School Christmas Visit

This is IBSC’s annual tradition.  Our freshmen led by IBSC Student Association pay a visit to Bao-Sheng Elementary School in every December to teach the school kids English and celebrate the holiday season with them.  The elementary school is located in a remote area called Guan-Yin, Tao Yuan City.  They, therefore, have very limited resources and cannot receive much help from university students.  This is the very reason why IBSC students chose this particular elementary school to hold the annual activity as part of our USR.  Our students can practice what they have learned in design- and art-related courses to prepare Christmas cards for the school kids.  They also need to consider what the school kids like and design cards and educational activities that can be understood by young children.  This annual tradition helps our students to grow more responsible and self-reliant.



Internship Orientation

This class invites specialists who are willing to share their experiences in diverse industries so that IBSC students can learn specific knowledge and skills needed in the industry in which they are interested.  The class also prepares our students for an upcoming internship.



International Bachelor of Strategic communication (IBSC) is collaborating with prestigious businesses that allow students to experience a unique internship. This internship enables our students to apply what they have learned in IBSC to an authentic workplace, and consequently, our students develop truly useful skills and knowledge for their future job.  IBSC students are expected to take an internship during the summer break in between the 3rd and the 4th years.


Future Career

As every single organization has its own PR personnel, a team of employees, or a division, our students career choices are diverse and in many different industries.

  • religious services

  • catering services

  • engineering services

  • equipment manufacturing

  • telecommunications

  • medical equipment manufacturing

  • government agencies

  • semiconductor manufacturing

  • e-commerce

  • electronics manufacturing

  • education 

  • further study for a higher degree 

  • currently searching/preparing 



1. What is the difference between IBSC and the Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics at Yuan Ze University?

This is the most frequently asked question from high school students and their parents.  College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Yuan Ze University has a Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics (FL) that has a longer history than IBSC.  FL students study English and Japanese as a subject.  In other words, they study languages through grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing classes.  Our IBSC students study diverse subjects from the four departments in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences using English.  In other words, they do NOT study the English language as a subject.  They study diverse subjects like Intercultural Communication, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Art & Design, and so forth using English.  There are many foreign teachers and students in IBSC.  Our students have opportunities to interact with those teachers and students who have different cultural backgrounds even outside the classes.  IBSC, therefore, can be characterized as “Study Abroad in Taiwan”.


2. Exactly what do IBSC students study?

Our curriculum can be divided into two primary phases consisting of the first two years (Freshman and Sophomore years) and the last two years (Junior and Senior years).  In the first phase, our IBSC students take most of the required classes to build a solid foundation of the four primary disciplines/areas, such as 1) Social Policy & Public Relations, 2) International Business & Foreign Language Communication, 3) Art, Design & Creativity, and 4) Asia-pacific Humanities Language & Culture, using English.  The required classes are intended to give students general knowledge and the ability to think critically and to learn any subjects rather than specific skills needed for a technical profession.  Our students are often asked to do a lot of writing and oral presentations in both English and Chinese.  This type of training is called “Liberal Arts Education (博雅教育)” in Western countries, and it is highly valued because it prepares students for problem-solving and working in teams with people who have diverse cultural backgrounds.


In the second phase, IBSC students are expected to narrow down their own interest(s) in relation to their future careers and to take elective classes that help them pursue their future dream.  Finding their own interest is not a difficult task for our students because they have already experienced learning diverse classes from four different disciplines/areas.  They should know which discipline/area interests them most.  They will be required to take an internship during the summer break between the Junior and the Senior years.  They will also be encouraged to study abroad and expand their horizon.



3.  What kinds of jobs can IBSC students do?

The students trained in our program with the focus on “Public Relations and Strategic Communication” can succeed virtually in any industries.  Fresh graduates trained as technical professionals have only one specific skill, while our IBSC students will be equipped with the most critical and valuable skill, Problem-solving through effective and efficient communication.  As you can see on our “Career” page, our students took an internship and found a job in diverse industries.  IBSC students know how to learn new things and will keep learning and updating their knowledge and skills as they take an endeavor in their career.

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