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 With EBSC, Christmas can be far more cheerful!

December 24th, 2019

This year’s Christmas Eve, Yuan Ze University EBSC students brought their handmade Christmas cards and gifts to Taoyuan Guanyin Bosheng elementary school to celebrate Christmas together.
These students, guided by Programming and Design class’s professor, Jeffrey Sebastian, the EBSC’s Director, Kazuaki Nakazawa, and the EBSC’s Trilingual Assistant, Annie Wu, use the skills taught in the class and also their creativity to make beautiful cards by themselves. 
According to Professor Jeffrey Sebastian, there are three purposes of this event. 
First, creating something special to make an ordinary life different and unique. Second, the both groups of the students can learn mutually. The elementary school children can learn English through our activities. At the same time, we also learn how to organize and manage this event and the activities! Moreover, teaching children precious knowledge and playing with them joyfully are the most important thing. Third, bringing love and care to children and let them know the meaning of Christmas. 
Director of EBSC, Professor Nakazawa, said that this activity involved students from different countries, and the children were able to interact with the foreigners to expand their horizons. In particular, our activities were mainly conducted in English. Therefore, children could experience intercultural communication when interacting with the EBSC foreign students.
eSwatini students studying in EBSC at Yuan Ze University said that this is the first time to participate in such a great event and felt extremely meaningful. They also would like to participate next year as well.
The music teacher who just came to Bosheng Elementary School mentioned that this is the first time to join in our Christmas event. It was very special to see YZU students coming to Bosheng Elementary School and the children having a lot of fun during this event.
The third-grade teacher at Bosheng Elementary School said there had several Christmas events before, but EBSC students manage events in a unique way. Their activities are not only unique every year but also made us looking forward to the next time.
The director of Student Affairs in Bosheng Elementary School said that because of the gap between teachers and students, it is hard for them to play together. Therefore, today the college students come to have fun with children, they are really happy and full of pleasant memories. Actually, before the EBSC Christmas celebration at Bosheng Elementary School, they barely celebrated Christmas. He, now, is so glad to have such a special opportunity! Besides, if there are other special festivals in the future, everyone from EBSC is welcome to celebrate them with Bosheng Elementary School children and to keep amazing them and creating beautiful memories together!
The most impressive thing is that, at the end of the event, while children were holding handmade cards and gifts and said "Be sure to come again next time!" with bright smiles!
After this activity, we believe that the elementary school children learned a lot, and we hope that there will be more opportunities for cooperation in the near future so that children can learn more about different cultures.

Written By EBSC Sophomores, Viola Peng & Amy Lee

英為有你 聖誕不孤單

By 二年級 彭之佑&李和璇

With EBSC, Christmas can be far more cheerful!: News
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