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IBSC Careers

IBSC provides many resources to aid students pursue a professional career after graduation. We work closely with different companies that will provide a solid preparation through our internship program. IBSC prepares future professionals to apply for Master Programs in different universities inside and outside Taiwan.



How We Help

IBSC is a platform that prepares professionals. We work closely with different companies that provide a unique experience for all of our students. We want to prepare our students for the real world and open opportunities that will lead them to possible job offers for them to start their professional life.

Further Studies


Your Gateway to Learning

IBSC provides a wide range of specialties that allow students to find their path to a professional career. We encourage our students to pursue master's degrees or other studies that will place them in the competitive market once they graduate.

Career Choices


The Information You Need

Students in IBSC are provided with a variety of tools and courses that allow them to choose between many different career specialties. IBSC allows students to find their path in life and give them the proper preparation for a successful life.

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