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Christmas Celebration at Baosheng Elementary School 

We are delighted to have once again celebrated Christmas with our friends at Bao-Sheng Elementary School this year! 🎄

The fantastic performance by the Bao-Sheng Elementary School Student Council marked the beginning of the event 🎵 From the excitement before it started to the moments during the process, witnessing the children immersed in the Christmas atmosphere was undoubtedly the greatest reward for all of us 🌟

Thanks to everyone who participated; the efforts and contributions of all made the entire event run smoothly and created unforgettable Christmas moments for the kids! 🎁

Looking forward to more opportunities in the future to bring laughter and warmth to the children. Finally, thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication! 🫶🏻

Bao-Sheng Elementary School, see you next year ✌🏻❤️"

Freshmen Welcome Party: News

Christmas Celebration

December 9th, 2023

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