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APU Exchange program

EBSC’s very first short-term cultural exchange (Nov. 27th-Dec. 2nd, 2022) was a great success.

Four juniors and two freshmen joined the exchange and visited Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU; 立命館亞洲太平洋大學) for two days.  Our students introduced cultures and university student life in Taiwan on Day 1 and joined two advanced English classes on Day 2.  They made lots of friends and are so looking forward to seeing two APU students coming to YZU to study abroad for one semester.

EBSC students were really impressed by the environment of APU, and some are already thinking of studying abroad there.  This very short exchange still inspired them significantly.  We hope that the next one will be even longer and more fruitful.

Freshmen Welcome Party: News

Pictures from the Trip

November 27th- December 2nd

Freshmen Welcome Party: Gallery
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