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Landing Your Dream Job

Coach Johanson and the YZU IBSC Student Association organized, arranged and executed the EMI-PBL Activity "How to Use Your IBSC Experience to Land Your Dream Job” in efforts of welcoming, showing concern for and honoring this year’s incoming IBSC first-year student body.


Objectives included fostering familiarity, reflecting on YZU’s core concepts and sharing upperclass-mate students’ experiences to help our new students navigate their own IBSC learning journeys.


The session featured elevator pitch introductions and discussions on how to leverage the “YZU IBSC Experience” for career advancement.


Drawing from a similar speech given by former IBSC Director Kazu Nakazawa, Coach Johanson highlighted Steve Jobs' advice on pursuing one’s passions by exemplifying how Jobs’ learning of calligraphy unexpectedly influenced Jobs’ invention of the Macintosh computer.


All in all, the activity was deemed by students as having been a tremendous success in that it created a supportive, inclusive environment in which beginning IBSC students were able to mingle with their upper-classmates to plan their future academic and professional careers as integral parts of our IBSC team.

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