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IBSC FALL 2023 Gender Equality Activity

Aimed chiefly at encouraging inclusiveness, diversity, and gender equality and fostering a sense of heightened unity, cohesion, and belonging amongst YZU IBSC first-year students, the event featured a riveting workshop performance delivered by Director Teresa Chen, Brand Activation Lead at Mars-Wrigley Asia.


Speaking only in English, Director Chen provided valuable insights into her career journey and experiences as a Taiwanese female manager at a major international company.


Open to all YZU IBSC first-year students, faculty, and staff, the gathering supported the "IBSC First-Year Students & Upperclass-person ‘Study Buddy’ Program" and showcased commitment to Coach Johanson’s IBSC 3 R’s (Retrain, Retain & Recruit) Initiative.


In addition to sharing her insights regarding the importance of gender equality, inclusiveness, and diversity, Director Chen also described the challenges her company successfully overcame to market the newest “Ms. Purple” M&M concept. 


After students posted their questions written on post-it notes on the whiteboard, Director Chen addressed each inquiry and rewarded participating with a few very special “yet-unseen-in-Taiwan” product samples.


Overall, this activity demonstrated IBSC’s commitment to furthering the YZU International Academy’s continued mission to securing YZU’s position as a forward-thinking, world-class educational institution.


Special thanks are due to Professor Razat Kharga and other the IBSC supportive staff-members, such as Nick Peng, Kristin, and the entire IBSC Student Association for their exceptional organization, which made the event a collaborative EMI PBL-generated success.

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