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When the journey begins...

The first thing that came into me as soon as I stepped out of that airplane was the cold air and the gentle breeze that was beardy there, it was two-degree celsius. After a 14 hour flight, I’m blessed to feel the solid ground again. After about an hour of waiting and lining, we finally got through the customs and stepped on American soil. That’s when the journey begins.

Well, we didn’t book any hotel or places to stay overnight, so it isn’t hard to imagine us stocked in an airport. Umm…I mean who hasn’t been stocked in an airport before, right? But on second thought this is not the way to start the journey, we went to the information desk for help and we decided to find ourselves a place to sleep. It was a rough night, but hey we found a place to settle down and got rest.

The next day we got on the bus to Champaign and found our way to the school and the way to our apartments. So, buses are definitely the main transportation for all students, and it’s a dollar for each ride but if you show your student ID to the driver then it’s free. Well, I won’t say it’s free, all the transportation fee is all included in our tuition so we still have to pay.

Once we were told about this information we decided to get our student ID done. Unlike in Taiwan, student ID’s are all made by the school and are sent to students all at once. Here we have to go to the student ID center to get it by ourselves, which in our case is located in our bookstore, all we have to do is to show the staff our identity documents and take a photo wait for three minutes and you get your student ID fresh. When I say “fresh” I really mean it, I was waiting and saw my ID printed in front of me, it was pretty cool I must say.

The other cool stuff has to wait for the semester begins……





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