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From the mountain top!

By Marie | Student | EBSC YZU

Dear my colleagues,

It’s been already three months since I came to Taiwan and meet all of you guys at this wonderful university. By using this chance, I am happy to share my lovely story about both, my first and last time of climbing on a mountain.

I am Marie from the capital city of Mongolia where I was raised and grown up. My hometown is really beautiful because it is surrounded by huge mountains. I love climbing mountains because when I was a little kid my dad brought me to the top of the mountain next to my home city. It was the very first time that I ever saw the city from the top of the mountain, and I felt absolutely breathtaking. I have still missed that feeling and memory until recently


My friend told me about the mountain locating right next to the city of Taipei couple weeks ago. Henceforth, I was really excited to climb on that mountain like my heart was already shaking. Last week, I finally traveled to Taipei and found the huge mountain that my friend told me about. I could not hold myself, then I run to the top and I did not even stop. Finally, I reached to the top and took a long breath calmly. Suddenly, I was super surprised when I turned around because the city of Taipei looked extraordinary, especially the 101 Tower. It felt almost like that moment when I first climbed to the mountain dew with my dad. I felt really amazing like I was already home because the mountain brought my memory back.

These are my first and last time of climbing on the mountain. I wanted to share it with you guys because I want you to see the great Taipei city from the top.

Trust me it is free! Don’t worry about it; you don’t need a helicopter for the beautiful view.



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